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May 2004 List

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ARIOCARPUS"Living Rock" plants - slow growing and much sought after
Agavoides (Neogomesia)Narrow dark green tubercles. Flowering size plants ex 6cm potsB*
Fissuratus (Roseocactus)Thick dark green tubercles, woolly centre with age.B*
Kotschoubeyanus1cm dia. plants, tiny triangular tubercles - flowering sizeB*
Retusus SB68Nice longer tubercled form, 5 year old plants ex 6cm potsA*
Retusus var. furfuraceusFat grey tubercles with roughened surface, 5 year old plantsB
ASTROPHYTUMInteresting plants, most covered with white "spots"
AsteriasGrafted on buried stocks. Plants ex 7cm pots. Limited quantity£7.50
CapricorneLong twisted black spines, pale green spotted body.C
Capricorne var. crassispinumAlmost bare body, thicker stronger spinesA
MyriostigmaWell known "Bishops Cap" Flowering sizeA
Myriostigma v. CoahuillenseFlowers have a red throat. Just under flowering sizeA
Myriostigma v. NudansGlossy green 5 ribbed plants. Flowering size.A
Myriostigma v. QuadricostataSquare plants for square pots! 4 ribbed plants, flowering sizeC
OrnatumNice white spotted form with brown/yellow spinesA
Senile var. AureumCapricorne type, plain green body, yellow curly pines. Interesting form.A
AZTEKIUMMiniature cacti growing on vertical cliffs in Nuevo Leon, Mexico
Hintoni (Grafted, ex 6cm pots)Largest growing Aztekium form, deep pink flowers, short stocks£7.50
Ritteri (Grafted ex 6cm pots)Flowering size plants on Myrtillocactus stocksD*
BUININGIAGlobular to short cylindrical plants - need higher winter temps.
BrevicylindricaHairy, golden red spines, clustering & makes a cephalium with ageC
COPIAPOAChilean plants - the grey bodied ones are the most popular
Bridgesii L829Young plants have olive/red bodies, straight straw coloured spinesC*
HaseltonianaGolden bodies/spines as young plants, becoming chalky with ageC*
Pseudocoquimbana AWC519Short, untidy spination, hard green body, globular to short cylindrical.C
SP. AWC796Fat red/green bodies, most with curved black spinesC
CORYPHANTHAIncluding Neobessaya, Escobaria, Cochesia, mostly dwarf plants
Asperispina (Neobesseya)Similar to missouriensis but finer spinationC*
Bisbeeana (Escobaria)Globular plants untidy pink coloured spines, Cochise Co. ArizonaA
Radians SB599Pectinate straw coloured spines, Vizzaron MexicoC
Robbinsorum (Cochesia)Small plants with glassy white spines, Cochise Co. Arizona. Not easy!A*
Varicolor JLH970919Small gobular plants, tight spination, pale flowers. Big Bend area Txs.A
DISCOCACTUSMostly Brazilian plants - need high winter temperatures.
Horstii (grafted ex 6cm pots)2cm dia. purple/black bodies – tiny black spines, Myrtillocactus stocks£7.50
Ferricola (grafted)Dark green, glossy bodies red spines; can grow to 25cm! FEW!£7.50
ECHINOCACTUSGenerally large growing species, a few smaller choice ones.
GrusoniiThe popular "Golden Barrel"C,E,G
Grusonii v. AlbaWhite spined form, impressive when largeE
Grusonii var. inermisForm with tiny spines, slow growing. Ex.12cm pots (14cm pots @ £15)£8.50
PlatyacanthusBlue/grey bodies, grows huge in habitatA
XeranthemoidesRare! Difficult! From Northern ArizonaB
ECHINOFOSSULOCACTUSGroup characterised by multiple, thin, wavy ribs on small plants.
AlbatusLots of thin wavy ribs, dense white/gold/brown spinesE
Phyllacanthus JLH950736Durango, Mexico. Thin straight ribs, white radials, red/brown centralsC
SulphureusBroad, yellow or brown spines, wavy ribs, yellow flowers. Nice formC
ECHINOPSISNight/early morning flowering - many with scented flowers
SubnudansFat green bodies with large woolly areoles, flowers at small sizeC
ECHINOCEREUS"Strawberry Cactus" - clustering, usually large flowers & fruits
CtenoidesBrown pectinate spines, thin neck when young. General Cepeda Mex.C*
Chloranthus v. Cylindricus SB422Red/yellow bands of spines. Largest of chloranthus groupA
Davisii SB426Dwarf plant, green flowers sometimes scented, flowering size.A*
Enneacanthus var. BrevispinusFat bodies, glassy spines, big, strongly scented fruits!C
Engelmannii JLH970935Form from South of Ajo Arizona. Golden spines - clustering with ageC
Engelmannii JLH950812Northern Arizona/ Southern Utah form with black & white spinesC
Fendleri SB350Black/white spines, Large pink/red flowersA
Fendleri var. eremeticusNice form, brown/white spines.A
Fendleri v. Rectispinus GL528Longer erect central spine. Usually found near Tucson ArizonaA
FitchiiShort cylindrical plants, black spines, large pink flowersA
Gentryi Lau 087The "cucumber" Echinocereus. Tubular pink flowers, tiny spines.C,E
Knippelianus v. krugeriFat green bodies, soft bristly spines, flesh coloured flowers.A*
Knippelianus v. ReyesiiFat green bodies, stiffer spines, much nicer flowers, deeper colourC*
Longisetus SB 1634Very like De-Laetii but spines stifferE*,G
PalmeriSmall tap rooted plants with deep pink coloured flowers. Challenging!A*
Pectinatus v. Rigidissimus"Arizona rainbow" cactus. Spines in red & gold bands. Pink flowers.C*
Pectinatus v. RubraEasiest of the pectinatus forms to flower, some with very red spinesA,C*
PentalophusFrom Starr Co. Texas. Trailing stems, huge flowers for the size of plantC
PerbellusSmall plants with very dark brown spines, flower at 4cm highC
PulchellusSmall, flat growing plants, short radial spines, pink flowers, nice!A*
Pulchellus v. sharpiiWhite flowered, short bristly spines, more care with watering requiredC*
Schwarzii Lau 1305Pectinate radial spines with longer brown centrals, pink flowersC
Stramineus JLH950764Grows south of Samalayuca Mexico. Glassy white spines, robust stemsC
SubinermisNice glossy green bodies with short spines, yellow flowersC
Triglochidiatus JLH950825Northern Arizona/Southern Utah form, quite hardyA
EPITHELANTHASpecies from U.S. & Mexico. Ours are the U.S. forms
Bokei (grafted)From Big Bend area. Creamy white spines. Available JuneB
MicromerisFrom near Mud Mountain, New Mexico, easy form to growA
Micromeris cristateCrests of the New Mexico form. Untidy spinationB
FEROCACTUSLarge growing "Barrel Cacti" found in Mexico & SW USA
CovilleiFrom Southern Arizona, near Organ Pipe cactus monumentC
Cylindraeceus v. EastwoodiaeBright red spines, from seed collected in Waterman mountains ArizonaC
EmoryiRed/blue bodies with white and red spines, a few larger plants availableE
Glaucescens v. inermisUnusual plants, spineless or with 1 yellow spine per areoleE
Gracilis SB1281Bold red spines, dark green body, from Baja California, Mexico.C
HystrixStrong long spines. A very large specimen available at the nursery!C
LatispinusFlat growing, with red or yellow spines. Flowering size plants availableC,G
Latispinus v. Spiralis CH175Taller growing than the normal form, plant body more glaucus.C
MacrodiscusOne of our favourites, very flat growing plants with multiple ribs.C
Wislizenii JLH950763The "Texas Candy Barrel" Grows huge in habitatC,E
GYMNOCACTUSNow considered to be in the same group as Turbinicarpus
Beguinii de Agua NuevaSmall plants many dense white spines. Deep pink flowersA*
GielsdorfianusBlue bodies, black spines, white flowers. Interesting little plantsA*
KnuthianusSoft spines, pink flowers, clustering. Flowering size plants.A*
Subterraneus var. ZaragosaeFrom Zaragosa N.L. Larger body than subterraneus. Flowering size.B
Viereckii spec Lau 1159Lots of dark pink flowers on small spiny plants, nice!A
GYMNOCALYCIUMSouth American, mostly small plants with scaly flower buds
Horstii var. BuenekeriSpines pressed up against fat, pale green bodiesC,F
MihanovichiiPurple/red bodies, white spines, pink flowersC
MultiflorumPale green body, yellowish spines. Larger growing typeC,E
RagonesiiDwarf brown bodies, tiny spines, cream/white flowers. Slow growing!A
HAMATOCACTUSClose to Ferocactus, largest species can reach 1 meter in height!
HamatacanthusLong spines on a globular plant. Can reach football size!C
SetispinusStraw coloured spines on a light green body, yellow flowers/red throatC
LEUCHTENBERGIAMonotypic - does not look like a cactus to most novice growers!
PrincipisPink/blue "fingers" with long papery spines. E&F plants flowering sizeC,E,F
LOBIVIASouth American cacti, free flowering and small growing
Schieliana WR207Dark green clustering plants with straw coloured spinesE
FeroxHard grey green plant body with strongly curved spinesC
JajoianaDark green body, fine curled spines/red flowersC
LOPHOPHORASacred to the Huichol Indians - tap rooted & totally spineless
Echinata diffusaPale green bodies, white to cream coloured flowers. Queretaro formA*
Williamsii decipiensBlue body, large pink flowers. From Northern MexicoA*
WilliamsiiThe common peyote, 3 year old plants, should flower at 6 yearsA*
MAMMILLARIA"Nipple Cactus" Very diverse, from miniatures to huge clusters!
BeneckeiClusters of small stems, which detach easily. Yellow flowersC
BerkianaWhite radial spines, hooked brown central spinesA
BombycinaClustering, white radial spines, red, hooked centrals, pink flowersC,E
Buchenauii (Crucigera)Tiny pectinate gold spines, olive green tubercles, small growing.A*
CarmenaeSoft yellow spines yellow to pink flowers. Clusters in cultivation.C
DixanthocentronGolden yellow radial spines with long central. Short columnar plantsC,E
Dixanthocentron cristateCrested form of above, nice plants on own rootsE
DuweiGlobular plant covered in plumose white spines, some hookedC
Hidalgensis var. inermisUnusual spineless plant, dark red flowers! Becomes columnar with ageC
Humboldtii (grafted)Small heads, clustering, fine white spines, deep red flowers. Few onlyB*
IgnotaStraight white spines covering the plant bodyA
LauiShort glassy white spines, dark pink flowers. Several forms availableC,E
LentaFlat, white spined plants, pink flowers. Slow growing, clusters with ageA
Leuthyi (grafted)We expect to have some of this interesting plant available later – ask!B*
LewisianaLong, thin spines making a "birds nest" on top of the plant! From Baja.C
Magnimamma JLH950729Form from Real de Angeles Mexico. Thinner tubercles than the type.C,E
MarksianaNice globular plants with bright yellow spines & flowersC
NapinaBig dark red flowers. Short glassy spines, tap rooted. Challenging!B
Obscura JLH950724Near Fresnillo Mexico, makes large flattened stemsE
OteroiBoring little plant but massive seed pods for its size!A
Pectinifera (Solisia pectinata)Beautiful white spined plants on own roots. Grows near TehuacanB
Plumosa"Golf ball" & flatter form available. Most already clusteringC,E
PriessnitziiSolitary dark glossy green body, white tipped brown spinesA
PseudoperbellaSmall growing solitary plants. Dense spination, red flowers.A
RekoiLots of red, twisted, spines, and dark red flowers. Sparse root systemC
Rekoi var. auriecarpaShorter, gold coloured spines, red flowers.C
ScheideanaTap rooted, clustering with age. Golden yellow spines, dark green bodyC,E
Schumanii (Bartschella)Blue/grey bodied plant, brown spines, pink flowers, orange seedpods!C
SchwarziiFrom Guanajuato, dense white spines, white flowersC
SemperviviDensely tubercled bodies, lots of wool in axilsC
Senilis JLH950754Dense covering of hooked white spines. From Durango MexicoD
StampferiLongiflora group, nice pink flowers.C*
StandleyiSolitary, to 10cm diameter. Red flowers from wooly axilsA
TetrancistraChallenging on own roots! Mojave desert plant with big flowersB
TheresaeDwarf red/green bodies, large pink flowers. On own roots, ready JulyA*
Theresae v. albifloraRare! Large, white flowers. On own roots, ready JulyB
Uncinata JLH950730East of Real de Angeles, Mexico. Solitary plants with hooked spinesC
"Uno Pico" cristateFrom a Spinosissima sport, just a few of these availableC*
MELOCACTUS"Turks Cap" - mostly from tropical areas. Need higher temps.
AzureusBlue/grey body, black spines. nice plants near cephalium sizeG
MatanzanusDwarf Cuban Melocactus. Flowering sized plants with cephaliumG
NEOPORTERIA Including Thelocephala, Neochilenia, Riecheocactus, Pyrrhocactus. AWC = Alan Craig col. nos.
Clavata grandifloraDark bodied plant, golden spinesA
Chilensis AWC351, AWC555From 2 locations, Red/Green bodied plants, short, stiff yellow spinesC
Chilensis albifloraAs the type but with white flowers!C
Coimasensis AWC24, 207, 553Various locations, Green bodied plants dense bristly straw/black spinesC
DeHerdtiana KK114Red/brown body stiff brown/black spines. Tap rootedA
Esmeraldana RMF165 - Few!Thelocephala type. Large tap roots, almost black body, small spinesA*
Mammilarioides AWC217Dark red, tuberculate body, straw to brown spinesC
Multicolor AWC22, 343, 347,Red body, dense straw coloured spines becoming long with ageC
Napina AWC410Grey/red body, tiny black spines, large tap root, hairy flower budsA*
Napina v. spinosior AWC502Body more red, spines more prominent, otherwise quite similarA
Nigrihorrida AWC25, 32, 102,From various locations, glassy black to straw coloured spinesC
Senilis? Sp. AWC 34Long glassy whitish spines on dark red/brown bodyC
Subgibbosa AWC204A, 363Plants from several different locations, mostly yellow spinesC
Villosa AWC233Dense long, glassy, gold/black spines on red bodyA
Sp. AWC 414Strong curved golden spines on red/green body. Pyrrhocactus typeA*
Sp. AWC 419 (Thelocephala)Similar to Riecheanus. Tuberous roots, woolly yellow/brown spinesB
Sp. AWC 421 (Thelocephala)As above. Tuberous roots, woolly white spines, cylindrical stem.B
Sp. AWC 490 (Thelocephala)Erect, short cylindrical stem, woolly brown spines and flower budsB
Sp. AWC 496 (Thelocephala)Similar to napina, red grey body, tiny black spinesB
Sp. AWC 503 (Thelocephala)Similar to napina spinosior but from a different locationB
Sp. AWC 513 (Thelocephala)Similar to Riecheanus, olive green body, tiny spinesB
NOTOCACTUSFloriferous South American group, now combined with Parodia
BuiningiiBlue/green bodies, short straw coloured spines. Flowering sizeC,E
Erinacea (Wigginsia)Many acute ribs, red/brown spines, yellow flowersC
GreasneriBright yellow spines on dark green bodied plant. Green flowersC
LeninghausiiPopular yellow spined plant, flowers when about 15cm highC
Leninghausii albispinaNew novelty! Glassy white spined form – nice!C*
MagnificusBlue body/yellow spines. A few large plants availableC,E
ScopaDensely covered with white radial spines, solitary red centralsC
UebelmanianusRounded ribs, can have purple/red or yellow flowersC

DenegriiLooks like an artichoke! Prefers shade, larger grafted plants availableA*,D*
PARODIANow combined with Notocactus by the botanists!
SubterraneaDark green/black body, short black hooked and twisted spinesC
OccultaPurple bodies, black spines. Unusual small plants. Few!A*
REBUTIA including Aylostera, chamaecereus
Cristate (Chameacereus)Crested peanut cactus, very free flowering. Stems normal at first.C
Hoffmanniana (Aylostera)Similar to nivosa but with long, yellowish/white bristly spines.E*
KrainzianaDark bodied plants, tiny white spines, and pink flowers, nice!C,E
Narvaecense (Aylostera)Attractive pink flowered plants with short, stiff white spinesC,E
Nivosa (Aylostera)Dense, soft white spines free flowering. Orange flowersC
PygmeaDwarf clustering stems, short spines, pale pink flowersA
RobustispinaCovered in golden yellow spines, orange/red flowersA
UhligianaBristly yellow spinesC
STROMBOCACTUSGrow on sheer cliffs in Queretaro & Guanajuato
DisciformisPlants from 3cm diameter upward. Biggest sown in 1989!B to £10
SUBMATUCANAIncluding Matucana. Globular plants with interesting flowers
AuriefloraGlossy green bodied plants covered with bristly yellow spinesC
EriodoxaGlobular plant with short, bristly spines. Regular shaped red flowerA*
MadisoniorumLooks like a green Lophophora! Has red flowers, alpine horn shapeC*
PaucicostataClustering, spiny stems, also with red "Alpine Horn" flowersC
PolziiStrange squat stems with numerous offsets, tiny pectinate spinesC
Haynii AWC130 (Matucana)Bristly black & silver spines, niceA
SULCOREBUTIASmall clustering plants - easy to grow and flower
BicolorispinaSilver and black spines, hence the name. Red flowersC
CandiaeDark green body, pectinate yellow spines, yellow flowers, clusteringC
GlomerisaetaThin dense spines covering the plant, yellow flowersC
ZavaletaeSmall red/green stems, tiny silver/white spines, pink flowersC
THELOCACTUSFrom Texas and Mexico, wide range of forms and spination
BicolorRed and white flattened spines. Huge pink flowers on 5-6cm plantsC
Bicolor v. albifloraWhite flowered form of above. Small plants not yet flowering sizeA*
Bicolor var. flavidispinaFine straw coloured spines on clustering smaller plants than the type.C
Leucacanthus v. SchmolliiUncommon in cultivation. Propagated from material from QueretaroA
HastiferColumnar plant, looks a bit like Gymnocactus subterraneus! Qro. Mex.C
HexaedrophorusNice flat grey bodies with big tap roots, 2 sizesC,D
LophotheleGrey body, long spines & yellow flowers. Grows to 15cm diameter.£18
MatudaeOlive green body, large tubercles, deep purple/pink flowersA
McDowelliiCovered in dense white spines. Pink flowersC,G
NidulansBlue/grey body, long curved black/brown spines. Pink flowersC
TURBINICARPUSAll of our Turbinicarpus are mature flowering size specimens
AlonsoiStout tubercles with upright spines, purple red flowersB
DickisoniaeTiny stems, white radials, black centrals, white flowers.A*
FlaviflorusThin neck to tap root, corky golden spinesA
GracilisSmall plants, dark spines, long tubercles. Whitish flowersA*
KrainzianusLong bristly spines, similar to T. psedomacrocheleA*
Krainzianus v. MinimusWeird! Long thin stems on large taproot. Yellow flowersA*
LauiiThin wispy spines, larger flowers than most Turbinicarpus.C*
LophophoroidesLargest growing and also the easiest to kill!A*
Macrochele (Dr Arroyo form)Small plants, curly dark spines, almost flat tuberclesA*
PolaskiiNice fat plants with corky spines, up to 3cm. diameterC*
PseudomacrocheleFlowers pink to white! Mature plants (10 yr. old) large tap rootsC*
SchmiedickeanusOne of the longest known forms, now scarce. Pink flowersB*
SwobodaeThin curved spines, compact & easy flowering plantA*
Valdezianus & var. albifloraWas Normanbokea. Flowers can be pink or whiteB,D*
UEBELMANIABrazilian plants requiring higher winter temperatures
Meninensis (grafted )Green body, short yellow spines, yellow flowers£6
PectiniferaBeautiful purple body, black spines. Grafted plants available July£6

ADENIAMostly caudiciform plants with fat green trunks
KeremanthusMarbled green stems, hairy leaves, white flowers even on small plantsD
SpinosaFat, marbled, blue/green stems & leaves. Nice caudexes, ex 10cm pots£10
ADENIUM"Desert rose" family, tender but flowers very rewarding
ObesumSwollen silvery caudex, produces nice pink and white flowers£20
MultiflorumVery similar to above, reputedly more free floweringD*
SomalenseLong thin leaves above a fat silvery caudexB*
SwazicumPale green caudexes, branched. Ex 12cm pots£15
AGAVE"Century plant" group, small to massive, rosette forming
Utahensis var. EborispinaLong terminal spine, narrow grey leaf, white "teeth" on edgesC,F
Victoria ReginaStiff dark green leaves with white markings, popular.C
ALLUAUDIAInteresting plant group from Madagascar
Montagnacii (Ex 7cm pots)Spiny silver stems with almost black leaves. Can grow to several mtrs£7.50
ALOERosette forming plants, some reaching tree like proportions
DescoingsiiDwarf Madagascar species, spotted triangular leavesA
DumetorumFat brittle leaves, white markings, fine "teeth". Medium size growingC, E
ErinaceaBlue green leaves with black teeth on the margins. Medium growingD*
FeroxThorny blue leaves, will make giant plants eventuallyC
"Green Ice" (xGasteraloe)Thick marbled leaves & lighter margins. A few available after JulyB*
HaworthioidesThin, dark green leaves covered with fine white "hairs"C*
"Hey Babe" ISI 89-35Short triangular purple leaves with white spots & "teeth", small & nice!C
"Lizard Lips" ISI 92-36Sword shaped, pointed leaves with zig-zag white banding & "teeth"C*
"Pepe" ISI 95-19A. haworthioides x A. descoingsii. Attractive dwarf plantA
PlicatillisVery showy fan of smooth blue leaves. Forms a trunk when olderC*,E*
Vera (Barbadensis)Ugly boring long green leaves. Its medicinal so someone must like it!E
BRIGHAMIATropical plants from Hawaii
InsignisFat green caudexes with a broad spread of light green leaves, 10cm pot£6.50
CISSUSSame family as the grape vine!
JuttaeCaudiciform vine. Huge plants available only at the nursery£50
QuinquelobatumCaudiciform tuber with hairy/spiny vine & leavesD
BohemiiRough, hairy dark green eaves from a tapering caudiciform stem£7.50
CYPHOSTEMMAAnother member of the grape vine family
LazaWoody caudex with twiggy branching stems & large leaves£15
DIDIERIAAs the name suggests, a native of Madagascar!
MadagascariensisUnusual, spiny, tall growing stems with long thin deciduous leavesC*,E*
DIOSCOREAThese plants were the original source of the drug Cortisone
ElephantipesWell known "Elephants foot" stem looks like a tortoise shellG,H
MacrostachiaOne of the new world species. Large plants only available at nursery£50
ECHEVERIASelection of American hybrids will be available later in the year
"Arlie Wright"Purple/red leaves with a wavy edge. Grows to 15cm diameterD
Gigantea "Scott Haselton"Stunning duck egg blue leaves with a thin red margin. Grows largeE
MeridianPale green leaves with red, wavy edge. Has nice pink flowersD
"Paul Bunyon"Carrunculated bluish pink leaves with wavy edge.D
ENTANDOPHRAGMADon't know anything about this one but it looks a nice plant!
CaudatumCaudiciform, tapering red brown stem, dark green leavesD*
EUPHORBIAVery variable genus, all have an irritant, milky white sap
Abd-Al-Kuri (grafted)Stems purple/grey, nice marbled markings.£10
AeruginosaClusters of olive green stems with red thorns. Nice!C*
AmbovombensisSmall tuber topped with thin arms. Wavy edged green/red leaves£8.50
Ammak variegataGreen/white marbled stems, imposing 80cm columns. Nursery only!£45
AridaShort, stumpy arms on globular stem covered with tuberclesD
Brevirama (medusae type)Short tapering arms from a sunken caudex. Dwarf plant.B*
BupleurifoliaTuberculate globular plants, big deciduous leaves, 7cm potsD*
Buruana ISI1391Tuberous root with spreading green branches. Makes good "bonsai"D
CanariensisColumnar, quickly making candelabra shapeC
DeceptaOlive green, globular stem with short spiny arms£10
DidieroidesSlim, spiny, tall growing stems. Looks like a robust E. millii!D*
CylindrifoliaThin stems from subterranean tuber, thin cylindrical leavesD
Decaryi v. Cap-SaintemariensisBest with warmth & shade, wavy red/green leavesD
Decaryi v. DecaryiLikes shade, wavy dark green leavesD
EsculentaMedusae type but fatter, blunt ended armsD
FrancoisiiTuberous root with multi coloured leaves, choice£6.50
HandiensisShort columnar, branching, from Fuertoventura, Canary IslesC,E
KnuthiiMarbled green/white stems from tuberous roots. Makes good "bonsai"D
Lactea cristateGrey/white marbled irregular crested stems, on own rootsE
Lactea variegata crest (grafted)Fantastic colours, reds, yellows, greens, and whites! Big crests£8.50
MicracanthaCaudiciform stem with 4 angled spiny arms, orange thorns. 10cm pots£8.50
MeloformisSimilar to E. valida but more rounded ribsC
MilotiiSuper houseplant! Big leaves with red reverse, lots of green flowersE*
MoratiiInteresting subterranean tuber with small leaves, ex 7cm pots£10
ObesaDark green dumplings! Male & female available, also larger plantsC* £6
OfficinarumDark green columnar plant from Morocco. Candelabra formC,E
PhillipsioidesSmall green stems, unusual white thorns, nice. Ex 6cm potsB
PolygonaSimilar to horrida, nice blue white stems with dark red thornsC
Piscidermis (grafted, 7cm pots)"Fish scale" plant, grafted on short stocks. Available after July£8
SepultaTiny grey/green globular branching stems, white thorns.B
SquarrosaFlat green branches from caudiciform root, plants ex 12cm potsG
StellaespinaClub shaped stems, star shaped spine clustersE
StellataBeep tap root/caudex with thin spiny arms. Ex 12cm pots£15
Suzannae cristateAttractive fans, some partly variegated. Grafted on E. mammillarisD
TrichadeniaLarge tuberous root, thin deciduous stems & leaves£15, £20
UmfoloziensisThick arms from a fat taproot. Similar to E. Tortirama, ex 12cm pots£8
VenenificaSimilar to E. unispina in growth. Few only£30
FOCKEAAsclepidaceae family
EdulisForms large caudex & lots of vine with age, milky sap is harmlessD
GASTERIAOnce popular, the hybrids are now starting to be appreciated.
"Little Warty" ISI 91-45A super small growing hybrid with bold interesting markingsC*
ProliferaA large growing plant with dark green strap like leavesE
"Smokey"A nice hybrid, nice pale grey leaves, occasional darker markingsC*
"Stripy"Another hybrid, grey/green leaves with darker stripesC*
VerrucosaThin, dark green leaves covered with white pimples!C
HAEMANTHUSSouth African bulbs, all broadly similar in appearance
PubescensBroad, dark green leaves from an "onion" base.E
HAWORTHIASmall rosettes, usually clustering. Some have "Window" leaves
Attenuata (fish river form)Nicer than the type, densely silver spotted leavesC
Bayeri (was Correcta)Pretty compact rosettes, very dark green with granulated "windows"B*
"Chocolate"Attractive hybrid, goes the colour of milk chocolate with good light!C*
Cooperi (vittata)Bristly/hairy, bright green leaves, quite succulentE
DekenahiiRetusa type, nice leaf tops with longitudinal markings. Choice!A*
GuttataMore robust than variegata. Light green leaves with white markingsC*
Limifolia var. majorLeaves more robust & rounded with rigid banding. A nice form.C
Limifolia var. ubomboensisVery pale green leaves, goes bright pink in good lightC
Magnifica v. maraisiiDark green leaves, granulated tops with dark "windows"C*
MarginataRigid pale green leaves with thin white margin along edgeC*
Marginata fa.Intermediate form with H. Pumila, has characteristics of both.C*
MaughaniiMuch sought after plant, round "window" tops. Ours are ex 7cm pots£7.50
Mirabilis v. calcareaBlue green leaves, tapering to blunt point with tiny "teeth" along edgesC*
MirabilisRetusa type, tapering leaves, interesting markings on "windows"C
MuticaRetusa type, lined "windows" on the light green leaves.D
Nigra ISI 1029Short triangular leaves, almost black! Dwarf growing form.A*
PumilaFat, upturned leaves covered with white "papillae". Becomes large.E
Pygmea var. asperulaShort triangular leaves, granular windows, goes pink in good lightC*
Pygmea var. majorLonger triangular leaves, striated and granulatedC*
RecurvaFat, dark green leaves with faint bandingC
Reticulata ISI 1090Pale green leaves with indistinct white markingsC
ScabraAlmost black leaves, short & granulated. Very attractive plants!C*
Scabra var. morrisiaeGranulated dark green, upturned leaves. Can go black in good lightC*
TransluscensDainty, thin leaves, pale green coloured, forming small rosettesC
TruncataVery nice forms, good sized plants, 6cm potsB*
TuberculataProbably only a form of scabra, could even be V. morrisae!C*
Variegata (Modesta form)Thin, marbled leaves forming nice small rosettesC
ViscosaRigid pale green triangular leaves. Often confused with H. nigraC
HOODIAAsclepidaceae family - supposed to be an appetite suppressant!
GordoniiPink/grey stems with spiny surface. Clusters of several branchesA*, D*
JuttaeGreen/red stems with red/brown spines.A*
MacracanthaThey all look the same to me! The flowers are supposed to be differentA*
IBERVILLEACucurbitaceae - Arizona's answer to Kedrostis!
TennuisectaSubterranean caudex, climbing vine. From near Garfield New MexicoA*
KEDROSTISCucurbitaceae - Africa's answer to Ibervillea!
AfricansAfrican version of Ibervillea! Tubers can grow above 40cm dia!E*
MONADENIUMEuphorbia family,
GlobosumRed/green leaves, dark brown tuber. Interesting flowers. Ex 7cm pots£10
Rhizophorum v. stoloniferumISI979 Just a few leaves & flowers appear on the surfaceC
MOMORDICACaudiciform cucurbits
Rostrata Green caudex, climbing vine. Large plants available at nursery onlyFrom £18
PACHYPODIUMMostly Madagascan, with varied shapes and interesting flowers
BaroniiFat, spiny stems, dark green leaves. Red flowers. Ex 12cm pots£15
Brevicaule (grafted)Smallest growing form. Nice yellow flowers. On P. Lamerei stocks£10
Densiflorum v. brevicalyxUnusual form. Short fat spiny stems. Ex 7cm pots£12.50
GeayiGrows columnar with age. Long silvery leaves go red underneathE*
HorombenseClustering fat spiny stems, green leaves, yellow flowers. Ex. 10cm pots£12.50
Lamerei"Madagascar palm" can grow over 2 metersC,E
Lamerei cristateBecomes quite large eventually. Nice twisted fan of leaves and stemG
Lealii v. SaundersiiFat green stems with glossy leaves. Nice young plantsC*
SucculentumEasiest to grow, flowering size caudexes with up to 30cm stemsD*
RECHSTIENERIA (Siningia)"Andean Edelweiss" - very floriferous
LeucotrichaSoft, silver, "felted" leaves, tubular pink flowers, Begonia like tubersE*,H
TripartitumGlobular Dioscorea like caudexes with leafy vines. Ex 13cm pots£15
ZAMIA (cycad)Interesting group of plants, some grow alongside cacti in Mexico
FurfuraceaStiff broad leaves on spiny stems from a "pinecone" base, ex 12cm pots£5
TILLANDSIAS"Air Plants" - often grow alongside (on!) cacti in habitat
AeranthosEasy, stiff grey leaves, purple & red flowers£2.00
AlbidaVery white, can grow to 30cm with age£2.50
AndicolaTiny grey, ladder-like stems. Very unusual£1.50
ArgenteaSilvery plumes, multiplies easily£1.50
CrocataSaffron yellow flower, heavily scented. Small plants with silvery leaves£2.50
IonanthaCommon but so attractive, easy to flower£1.50
MallemontiiSmall fine leafed plant forming a dense clump, scented blue flowers£2.50
MeridionalisSilvery grey rosette pink bracts, white flowers, easy!£2
MyosurusName means "mouse’s tail"- good description!£1.50
PaleaceaStiff hairy white leaves, ours are smaller form£2.00
PueblensisStiff very white scaled leaves, grows on cactus in Mexico£2
RecurvataDwarf, the most widespread in the wild£1.00
Sp. de Peru (caulescens form?)Very soft scaled silvery leaves, deep pink flowers, nice£2
TectorumCan make 20cm globes of feathery leaves. Our own 5yr old seedlings -£2
UesnioidesSpanish moss. We have two forms, normal & major.£2